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Anonymous: please please help , i have been recently using your theme , but there is this thing on the description , it says "hey there , we are" and i never managed to remove it , PLEASE HELP 

message me privately and i’ll further help you. :)


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Anonymous: hi !! i love your themes , but everytime i try clicking a theme from one of your themes to get the code , it doesnt open :/ please help , im obsessed with your themes XO 

Message me @ br0nzedblonde and i’ll help you! I have all the codes but i’m working on a new site right now so yeah just message me!

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Anonymous: make more themes! 

We’ll barely be posting anymore. Sasha took her themes down anyway, and i, (mollie) make themes every once and a while. you can go to my theme page, and check them out because i have themes in my theme page that havent been posted on badbitchthemes, so you’ve probably never seen them before. go check them out. :)

Sasha; Contact me if you want to use one of my themes.

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sex-d0ll: HI i'm sorry i know i ask like a million questions but i'm stuid when it come to this. Well, I know you have a tutorial on how to add music, but I can't find it :/ && I wanted to add a pop up greeting message & you guys said to place it between <head> and <head> tags but I can't find that in the HTML. Thanks 

just go to, sign up, add music to your playlist and then put the code wherever you want in the html.

and to find the head tags, go into your html click ctrl+F and type in <head> and it will highlight over it to show you where it is. (:

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thatblondeguessgirl: could i request a banner?(: 

Sure !:)

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DO NOT REBLOG. this is a public promo banner that you may use for your promos! enjoy xo
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DO NOT REBLOG. this is a public promo banner! feel free to use cuties xo
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feel free to use this for your own promo’s :)
hope you guys like it!
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Promo banner for anyone to use :)
-mollie xo
Anonymous: why do you guys have to jock other people's themes and then make a crapy ass theme site? come on and you can't even be nice to the people that use it! 

Correction- We don’t jock anyone’s themes. Our theme site is under construction. And we are nice, you don’t know how many countless messages were answered on private telling people how to use our themes. 


We don’t jock themes, at all and if you see a theme similar to ours, tell us because it’s most likely them jocking us and we’d be more than happy to prove that we made it from scratch. Yes, like Sasha said, our site is under construction. Can’t you read the post i made DAYS ago that CLEARLY says “Theme is under construction”? No need to get bitchy and give us a tude. Pipe down babygirl xo

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